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Team Florida Track Club was founded in Gainesville, Florida by former UF runner, Enoch Nadler. Enoch (pronounced e-knock) founded TeamFTC so that runners could enjoy an exciting team atmosphere and organized group runs. TeamFTC welcomes runners of all ages and abilities. 

Unlike other running clubs, Team Florida Track Club has its own coach. Coach Enoch, a legendary runner for the University of Florida, offers customized training plans and one on one training sessions. Enoch's training programs are designed to offer runners the same level of training, proper nutrition, pacing strategies, specific pace ranges, core strength, and guidance typically reserved for professional athletes. 

Enoch continues to race often and can be seen fighting for the win with other local elite athletes. Look for Coach Enoch and his Team Florida Track Club at your next local race or join today and become part of the team!

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Meet Coach Enoch & Angela

Team FTC was launched by the husband and wife team, Coach Enoch and Angela, back in November of 2016. 

Coach Enoch and Angela founded Team FTC with a simple goal, building a running community that brings people together to run better and support one another.

Their passion for community and family led them back to Florida after living out of state for 6 years, post-university.

Since its inception, it's been a success and continues to grow to this day. 

Featured Member

  • Name: Matt Stamey
  • Age: 40
  • Hometown: Manhattan, Kansas
  • Currently Training For:  Well, it was Chicago. (Stupid COVID) I still plan to do something around Gainesville on the first cool weekend this Fall. Then have a fire pit night in my backyard. Everybody's invited. Bring your own chair.
  • Favorite thing to eat for dinner: The midwesterner in me always wants a nice steak dinner. But a crawfish boil is a really close second.
  • Miles run per Week? 25-30
  • What do you like the most about Team FTC? Accountability for sure. When you're by yourself it's easy to skip that last rep or slow down those last few yards. But the team gives you that extra push. And as coach says "that's where the gains are made." Plus, only runners want to talk about running. So the team has been an awesome outlet to talk shop about shoes, nutrition, snot rockets... whatever.

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