Featured Member

  • Name: Matt Stamey
  • Age: 40
  • Hometown: Manhattan, Kansas
  • Currently Training For:  Well, it was Chicago. (Stupid COVID) I still plan to do something around Gainesville on the first cool weekend this Fall. Then have a fire pit night in my backyard. Everybody's invited. Bring your own chair.
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week: 25-30
  • Favorite place to run: Warner Park, my hometown course for cross country meets. But the Micanopy loop has really grown on me.
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: The midwesterner in me always wants a nice steak dinner. But a crawfish boil is a really close second.
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why?  I ran cross country in high school so that got me started. Then around 2007-ish I was living in Louisiana, overweight with a diet of fried food, king cakes and beer. At the same time, my dad was crushing marathons. I couldn't even finish a mile. Throw in some chronic health issues and I knew I had to get back into running.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? Goodness, where do I begin? My dad as mentioned above has been a huge motivation. We'll go on long runs whenever I'm back home and our phone conversations always include something about our running. He told me in high school that running is one of the few sports you can do your entire life. So I keep that in my back pocket. The health benefits and the increased energy levels are an easy answer. And last but not least, my dog Roux has gotten me off the couch more times than I can count. She's trained for and finished three half marathons with me. Not to mention all of our evening walks to shake out the legs. She's been a great running partner.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC?  Accountability for sure. When you're by yourself it's easy to skip that last rep or slow down those last few yards. But the team gives you that extra push. And as coach says "that's where the gains are made." Plus, only runners want to talk about running. So the team has been an awesome outlet to talk shop about shoes, nutrition, snot rockets... whatever.
  • Words of Wisdom: When on a run, notice how bright Venus is in the morning sky. Stop and watch the wildlife when you see it just off the trail. Stare at the orange thunderstorm clouds during sunset. Being able to run is already great, but as they say in Louisiana, the rest is lagniappe... a little something extra, an added bonus.

Matt Stamey

Past Featured Members

  • Name: Steve Price
  • Age: 56
  • Hometown: Greenville, SC
  • Currently Training For: National Men's 55 Tennis Championships (October)
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week: 15-25 right now
  • Favorite place to run: Swamp Rabbit Trail (Greenville, SC)
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Grilled Salmon w/ Avocado Salsa, Asparagus, Roasted Red Potatoes, & a glass of 1000 Stories Red Blend
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why?  For the first 40 years of my life, I treated running as a necessary evil for conditioning to compete at a high level in tennis. When I turned 40, I found a running club in the Lakewood Ranch community (Sarasota/Bradenton area) where I lived at the time and got hooked. For the first time, I really enjoyed the running itself. I found myself starting to go distances I never would have entertained before and over the next ten years, I participated in several marathons and Ragnar Relays.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? Physical fitness and well-being has always been important to me. I love the challenge of pushing my body, and I really love the feeling of completing a long run. Currently, it's a really great complement to my on-court training. After October, I'd also love to set my sights on a Boston qualifying time.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC?  I just joined in January and I immediately appreciated the welcome atmosphere. This starts with Enoch, who is such a great coach, encourager, and motivator. Seeing the way Team FTC rallied around him for his Olympic Trial run back in February was pretty special.
  • Words of Wisdom: The best is still out ahead of us. Lean into it with all the courage and compassion you have.

Steve Price

  • Name: Leanne Harrison-Forbes
  • Age: 47
  • Hometown: Balmoral, Manitoba, Canada
  • Currently Training For: Boston Marathon 2020
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week: 30-40
  • Favorite place to run: I don't really have a specific favorite place to run, although I enjoy running close to the water (if I can see it, hear it, or smell it, I love it!). Most importantly, I like to be able to just lace up and head out the front door.
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Almost anything with curry in it!.
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why?  have been running to some degree since Elementary school. Initially it was for fun at the school track meets and then later more competitively when I ran indoor track at university. I mainly ran longer sprints and some limited middle distance races (300-800 m) for the University of Manitoba (Bisons) and then one year for the University of Alberta (Pandas). After university, I did triathlons for several years, and now with a family of 5 (three wonderful kids) I've gone back to focusing more on running.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? I have run for different reasons over the years: for fun, for competition and goal attainment, and health/stress management. Most recently I have been motivated to qualify for the Boston Marathon and run Boston. With our busy family, running with others is a great time to connect with friends and decompress when running on my own. I feel that I am a better person - mom, wife and friend with running in my life.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC?  Where to begin? I think one of the best things about Team FTC is that it feels like a family that is always there to support each other in attaining their goals. Enoch is a great coach and both Enoch and Angela go above and beyond to help in anyway they can. Also, I love the flexibility. Although I train a lot on my own, I love the team track workouts (looking forward to whenever those can start up again) and the way everyone works together.
  • Words of Wisdom: 1- Having an "off run" is fine - your next one will be better! 2-Take the time to find the beauty around you in every run. Happy Running!

Leanne Harrison-Forbes

  • Name: Deborah Scheuer
  • Age: 60
  • Hometown: I was born and raised in Manoa Valley, which is in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Currently Training For: I just ran my first 15K and half marathon in the last few months. I am training for a half marathon in the fall, although I don’t have one picked out yet.
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week: 28-29, but I am working on increasing that.
  • Favorite place to run: San Felasco Hammock
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Organic tofu, vegetables, and brown rice.
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? I grew up hiking and swimming. When I was 21, I moved to San Francisco to go to graduate school. One of my professors brought her yellow lab Amber to work, and I started taking Amber running daily in Golden Gate Park for stress release. However, I did not have any coaching and did not enter races until I joined Team FTC in October of 2019.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? It is so good for my mental health, and I love being outside. Now that I am a member of Team FTC, Coach Enoch and my wonderful teammates provide extra motivation, and make running so much more enjoyable.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC?  The people. Coach Enoch and Angela set an example that creates a culture of support and kindness. I think with what is going on now, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, has amplified the importance of this in our lives.
  • Words of Wisdom: Always choose kindness, compassion and love, for yourself and for others, in running and in everything else.

Deborah Scheuer

  • Name: Aseel El Zein
  • Age: 26
  • Hometown: Tyre, Lebanon – a very small city right on the Mediterranean Sea. Also, one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world!
  • Currently Training For: Just finished my first marathon and nothing beats that feeling! I’m planning to do the Gate River Run 15K and a half-marathon in the Spring, while building towards another marathon later in the year.
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week: ~30-40 miles
  • Favorite place to run: Tobacco road is one of my favorites in town, but I love exploring new trails!
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Tabbouleh + stuffed grape leaves. Can’t get enough from eating Mediterranean. Brings me joy and helps me feel closer to home.
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? I did not have any formal running experience before Team FTC and discovered running a year ago when my friend encouraged me to run the Gator Gallop race on Homecoming. I have done strength training and CrossFit for a few years and wanted to compliment it by improving my cardiovascular fitness.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? Running is so powerful! It gives me an almost indescribable feeling of accomplishment and provides relief to the stress of everyday life. I also love the feeling of setting goals and training hard to achieve them.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC?  The sense of community. Coach Enoch & Angela have created something truly special. The connections I make with the people at Team FTC are invaluable.
  • Words of Wisdom: You cannot train alone and expect to run a fast time. There is a formula: 100% of me is nothing compared to 1% of the whole team. And that’s teamwork. That’s what I value – Eliud Kipchoge

Aseel El Zein

  • Name: Kenny Vogel 
  • Age: 55
  • Hometown: Born Bronx NYC, Flushing NYC through High School, but Gainesville ever since and is my hometown! Go Gators!
  • Currently Training For: A perfect day to run a marathon, cold and no rain. Narrowed it down to Jax Bank, Donna or Snickers. There has to be a perfect day between those!
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week: 20-30 and beyond when marathon training kicks in.
  • Favorite place to run: Crescent Beach (with the wind)
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Sushi
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? I started running consistently after college. I thought I wanted to be a triathlete but quickly found out I didn’t like the longest part of the race, biking. Kept on running and part time swimming. I had a 25 year streak of at least one City of Gainesville Biathlon (5k run,800m swim) until injury got me. But my passion has always been running.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? I am addicted. I just feel better when I run, both physically and mentally. And I’m competitive with myself. After I crawled to my first half marathon finish in 1998 (Micanopy Half which I believe turned into Tom Walker Half), I learned you can’t do a half never going on runs more than 5 miles. So I wanted more and trained harder! When I did my first marathon in 2004 (Disney and I’ll never go back) i ended up walking most of it due to IT band issues, I wanted more and trained smarter. And a year ago when when Drs were telling me not to run anymore because of my hamstring and hips and with my body almost agreeing with them, I wanted more and trained slower. So yes I’m addicted to running to feel better and reach the goals I set for myself goals. And on those days when it just feels good, how can you not want more!!!
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC?  The team camaraderie. It doesn’t matter what pace you run, everyone is so supportive of each other.
  • Words of Wisdom: Race Day Pace - Run as fast as you can as long as you can.

Kenny Vogel

  • Name: Lucy McCausland    
  • Age: 65
  • Hometown: Arlington, VA
  • Currently Training For: I'm planning on doing a couple of 5k's, a 10 miler, and a half marathon this fall. Will build to Boston 2020 over the winter & pick up whatever races work with what Coach has on tap for me training plan wise. Typically a couple of 15k's and a half on the build-up to Boston.
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week: 35-38 right now. I give Coach a lot of credit for building my weekly miles up over the last 9 months in a way that was manageable.
  • Favorite place to run: Central Park
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: I eat a little strange, so a big salad with veggies and some g/f roll usually wins!
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? I retired my fabulous horse Winnie in 2007. I needed a new sport! I started doing some sprint & Olympic distance triathlons, so the running was just a part of that. I owned a dog food store at that time and I was working a lot, so the running eventually won out time-wise. It was super easy to just put on some shoes & head out the door. I did my first half marathon in 2010. Then I decided I should do a full. I did my first full in the fall of 2011. Boston this year was my 12th marathon. I never looked back.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? I think it started out as type A/high metabolism thing. Sort of a way to take the energy edge off. But it has grown into a lifestyle. I always joke about "having to go zen" on my runs, but that is actually sort of real.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC?  I called Coach in August 2018. I had seen him at a lot of the races here and had heard great things. I had been training on my own for a while at that point and had some specific goals for Boston 2019. I knew from that first phone conversation that I was going to love training with this team. The positive energy and team support are super! I train remotely for certain months & am finding out that I really look forward to getting back with the group here in Gainesville. Coach has an amazing talent as far as seeing the big picture goals and identifying the training needed for us to reach those goals. We work hard and we all improve. And we have fun doing it. Coach & Angela have created something really special. I think most of us realize that these are good times. To have the opportunity to train with Team FTC is not something I take for granted.
  • Words of Wisdom: I always like the Arthur Ashe quote: "Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can." It's so positive and applies to so much!

Lucy McCausland

  • Name: Blake Fletcher
  • Age: 36
  • Hometown: Gainesville, Florida
  • Currently Training For: Augusta 70.3 in September
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week: 20 give or take a few
  • Favorite place to run: Any place new
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Homemade chicken alfredo
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? September 2017, Since I stopped playing soccer in college my weight had fluctuated significantly. I had tried lots of things and never found something I enjoyed or that was sustainable. One day in August of 2018 I was playing with my wife and son who was 2 at the time and got tired after only a few minutes. I realized I needed to make some changes to enjoy those precious moments.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? Seeing pictures from two years ago with me over 90 LBS heavier and that I love food, I knew I would never be able to be on a diet so now I can eat almost anything 😊
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC?  Love the people I’ve met and all the support and encouragement they give you. Also that you can show up running at any speed and have someone to run with.
  • Words of Wisdom: “Your doubts are liars, your fears are traitors, stop buying the goods they are attempting to sell you”

Blake Fletcher

  • Name: Mary Andrews
  • Age: 41
  • Hometown: Gainesville, Florida
  • Currently Training For: Speed…. I have always trained for longer races, specifically marathons, I would like to focus more on speed, at least over the next few months, to discover how I can push my limits!
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week: I am currently running an average of 35-40 miles per week.. Leading up to the Houston Marathon, my biggest weeks were an average of 50-60 miles per week.
  • Favorite place to run: I really do not have one favorite place to run. However, I enjoy road running much more than trails. I get stressed out on trails and usually end up rolling an ankle!
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Grilled Chicken Thighs and Big Bowl of Chocolate Moose Tracks Ice Cream.
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? I started running as a freshman in college simply to try to stay fit since I was no longer participating in organized sports and did not have a vehicle. Little did I know, the love and passion I would develop for running over the years!
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? I love so many things about running… I love all of the people I meet, all of the great places I have traveled to (I plan most of my vacations around a race), and the incomparable feeling you get after completing a long run! Running is such an integral part of my daily life, I can’t imagine my life without running.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC?  Well, of course I love all of the amazing members!! In the short time I have been actively training with Team FTC, I have met so many great, inspiring runners! I also find it so great that Coach Enoch and Angela encourage each member individually and help give every one of the members the courage to go after and reach our goals! It is really amazing to be a part of such an impactful group of people.
  • Words of Wisdom: As I have gotten older, I have realized more and more the importance of flexibility & mobility training, as well as strength training, to remain healthy and injury-free. And as much as I want to train hard and continue to get faster, I have also learned to remember to “keep it fun!”

Mary Andrews

  • Name: Jay T. Blankenfeld
  • Age: (the age I act + 22)
  • Hometown: Irene, South Dakota (yes, that South Dakota)
  • Currently Training For: Entertainment
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week:  ...was I supposed to be keeping track?
  • Favorite place to run: The roller coaster hills by my parent's farm in SD and Micanopy
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Villaggio's Pizza in Newberry (not much sitting room, so keep this quiet)
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? I started running at a very young age. I had miles and miles of pasture, dirt and gravel roads to run on. I was a loner in those days and enjoyed the solitude running gave me.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? Team FTC practices are my biggest motivation. My wife Amy has heard all of my stories, and I enjoy telling them to fresh ears. I've found people run faster after they've had a few laughs. Jay T. Blankenfeld - The Running Comedian
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC?  When I joined, I was looking for something but didn't know what it was but found it. I'm still in awe on how quickly I felt like I belonged. I consider the team like family and have developed lifelong friendships while getting fast(er) with world-class coaching to top it off.
  • Words of Wisdom: I have a couple: Time waits for no one, and if you cannot find a reason to smile, surround yourself with people that can.

Jay T. Blankenfeld

  • Name: Robin Politowicz
  • Age: 57
  • Hometown: Gainesville (raised in Miami, but Gainesville is home!)
  • Currently Training For: Ft. Lauderdale A1A half marathon
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week:  ~25-30
  • Favorite place to run: Micanopy
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Satchel's pizza
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? At age 20, to keep the college pizza and beer pounds away
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? Running is my happy place. I love to be outside, to challenge myself, and to be with people who feel the same. It also greatly reduces stress.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC?  Where do I begin...the positivity..the camaraderie...the spot-on coaching instincts of Enoch...the encouragement...the belief that the best is yet to come!
  • Words of Wisdom: "For so long I limited myself in an effort to protect myself. No more."

Robin Politowicz

  • Name: Konstantin Matchev
  • Age: 51
  • Hometown: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Currently Training For: Gate River Run 15k
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week:  ~30-40 miles per week 
  • Favorite place to run: Hawthorne trail
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Sicilian Funghi Pizza at Blue Highway washed down with a local IPA
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? I started entering the local 5k races in order to keep an eye on my sons who were already faster than me. At the time Tony was in 3rd grade and Philip in kindergarten. Then I began running regularly to keep in shape and lower my 5k times. Once I joined TeamFTC, and under Enoch’s guidance, I have been gradually increasing the racing distance all the way to a marathon - my third one was in Jacksonville this weekend. Running regularly keeps me both healthy and stress-free.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? Running is cheaper than therapy...
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC?  The camaraderie of our runners and the enthusiasm and expertise of Coach Enoch.
  • Words of Wisdom: "Take two pills of suck-it-up” (attributed to an anonymous FSU coach)

Konstantin Matchev

  • Name: Michelle Richards
  • Age: 45 years old mother of 3
  • Hometown: Lake City, Florida
  • Currently Training For: Houston Marathon
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week:  ~35-55 miles per week 
  • Favorite place to run: Love to run at Micanopy with Team FTC
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Shrimp Caesar Salad
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? I started running at age 8 when I met an avid biker/runner at the brand new Fitness Center attached to North Florida Regional at that time, now known as Gainesville Health and Fitness. My parents were in a program to get fit and I got to participate for free. The trainer's name was Bill and he would throw out mileage at me to run every time we came. I now realize he was just seeing if and how fast I could do it. We then started jumping into area races and I would win them all. Guess I was pretty fast and did not even realize it because I was just there to have fun. My dad became my first coach and he will still coach me to this day. I love that. I ran my first half marathon at Disney in 2004 and my first full also at Disney in 2006 where I qualified for the 2006 Boston Marathon. That's when the marathon addiction set in.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? I am motivated to run because honestly I love the feeling of accomplishment and setting goals and training hard to achieve them. I stay motivated these days because I train alongside my 17-year-old son. I feel like my determination to succeed helps teach him to strive to be his strongest and best in not only his running but in academics and life. His determination helps motivate me to train harder than I ever thought possible.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC?  I absolutely love Team FTC because we are a run family. I love seeing everyone train hard, race well, and have fun together. And I love my running buddies, who are now lifelong friends :)
  • Words of Wisdom: Never let anyone steal your joy. Live each day wearing a smile and you will be the light in someone else’s darkness.

Michelle Richards

  • Name: Emil Tostrup
  • Age: 23
  • Hometown: Malmö, Sweden. Currently living in Gainesville, FL, for an exchange semester at UF.
  • Currently Training For: Swedish National Indoor Championships in Norrköping 16th of February 2019.
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week:  In a perfect world 75 miles, but ranging from 60-75miles.
  • Favorite place to run: The trails of the pine tree forest of Furuboda in Skåne, Sweden. If you ever visit Skåne, Furuboda is well worth your time for a fantastic long run.
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Pretty much anything with many calories. I burn a lot, therefore I eat a lot. If I had to choose something then it’ll be… let’s say… Pizza!
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? I started my running career at an age of 17. Coming from a background of soccer (as 95% of the kids do in Sweden) I felt like that I enjoyed running without the football more than with it. It took me one phone call to the local running club, and the next week I was hooked. This was when my journey started. I guess you can say that I, without any planning to speak of, joined a middle distance running group by accident. Since then, 800m/1500m has always been my primary race distances.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? Those 4-6 weeks you have every year when everything just feels on point. Your legs are moving automatically and your body is just flying. That is hands down the best feeling that exists in this world. This alone motivates me to work hard the remaining 46-48 weeks of the year. The reason why I make it through the really hard weeks is thanks to the great people you get to meet and run with along the way.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC?  I love the fact that there are so many different people here with different backgrounds and stories. Everyone seems to have their own goals in what they want to achieve with their running, and it inspires me to work hard. Also, having Enoch as Coach with so many hands-on experiences in elite running has been especially motivating for me.
  • Words of Wisdom: This isn’t really my thing so I’m just gonna quote Nike here: "Just do it."

Emil Tostrup

  • Name: Rick Ferreira
  • Age: 57
  • Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
  • Currently Training For: Ameris Bank Marathon (Jacksonville)
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week: 25-50 depending on the training cycle
  • Favorite place to run: With friends!
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Spaghetti
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? Started running in 1978 to improve fitness for other sports.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? Love to challenge myself and running helps me feel good and manage stress.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC?  Team FTC- obviously Coach Enoch's wisdom, knowledge, and support are much appreciated, but my favorite thing about the team is the positivity of my teammates!
  • Words of Wisdom: Never stop giving your best!

Rick Ferreira

  • Name: Sarah Kotranza
  • Age: 33
  • Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD
  • Currently Training For: Tom Walker Half Marathon
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week: ~20
  • Favorite place to run: Hawthorne Trail
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Anything with my family
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? I started running in my early 20's. I began running as something to do to stay fit and relieve stress. I ran my first 5k in 2005 and was hooked, and I have been running ever since.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? I run to stay healthy physically and mentally. I find that by running I have something that I can achieve and be proud of as a personal accomplishment. It also helps me be a better mom, by helping me manage my anxiety and depression.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC?  like the camaraderie and the encouragement the team provides. No matter what speed or distance you run, people are supportive and everyone works hard together. The team also provides accountability that can be missing when running individually, which personally helps keep me motivated to get out there and run on days when I might be struggling to find motivation.
  • Words of Wisdom: One step at time.

Sarah Kotranza

  • Name: Phoenix Marsiglio
  • Age: 11
  • Hometown: Gainesville, FL
  • Currently Training For: Alpharetta Ironkids Triathlon
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week: Typically 7-10, hoping to increase my mileage this year.
  • Favorite place to run: Woods
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Homemade Tortillas
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? I started running when my friend Gage asked me to do a local triathlon, and I agreed. As I started getting more serious, I

    started training and running when I was around 7 years old.

  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? Knowing that I’ll always have another race coming up and to win it, I need to train.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC? Knowing that I’ll see my friends in the morning to catch up on what’s happening in our lives.
  • Words of Wisdom: Always do your best.

Phoenix Marsiglio

  • Name: Angela DeSimone
  • Age: 47
  • Hometown: I was born in KC, but I consider Austin my hometown. Home is where the heart is along with my dad. I spent most of my childhood in Austin, and it's my favorite place to be.
  • Currently Training For: To be the best version of myself & the Philly Half Nov 17th
  • Miles Run Per Week: 30-35 ~ This includes recovery miles up to 5-7 with my favorite running partner that has four legs and her name is Allie.
  • Favorite place to run: From my dad’s house to the Capitol of Texas and back, Micanopy hills, and Mount Dora ½ Marathon route
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Anything my husband cooks and mostly fish
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? I started running in May 2011 because it sounded like a good idea at the time over a glass of wine with a friend. I was 40 years old and never ran before. It felt so natural giving me a sense of freedom and the air I needed to breathe. I simply love to run and especially with like-minded positive people. Running has become a lifestyle for me that keeps my body, mind, and spirit healthy.
  • What Motivates You to Run? It does not take very much to motivate me and rarely do I miss a run. I am blessed to have an amazing group of running friends that I stay connected with. There are not many people that one can text at 4:30 a.m. in the morning. We keep each other accountable and perhaps this is my motivation. My challenge is keeping balanced and not overdoing it. This is why having a coach has become a priority for me.
  • What do you like the most about Team FTC? Words can’t fully describe what I like the most about Team FTC. Our coach provides a welcoming and teamwork environment that embraces the diversity of all levels. I have only been training under the guidance of Coach Enoch since March.

    There are two moments that gave me a clear picture of what Team FTC was really about. I have glanced at the TV of running on a track but never seen anything like it in person. The first moment was on March 29th watching our coach at the Florida Relays Sub 14 5K attempt. I watched this guy in the lead fall behind. I had no idea he was there helping to set the pace. The stands were filled with Team FTC cheering for Coach. Here was our leader striving for his goal of being a true example for all of us along with the team being there in support.

  • My second moment was the FTC Twilight Track meet at Percy Beard Stadium on May 18th. Our Team FTC was coordinating the event. I never ran on a track before much less one that felt like air when your foot made contact with. I had no idea which distance to choose from, but the timing of me arriving from work dictated that I should run the 2-miler. Coach smiled and said "I am glad you made it" along with telling me that he was putting me with a 7:40 pacer. I thought no way, but he believed so I gave it my best effort. I hit the pace spot on for the first mile and started to fall short. The encouragement from Coach along with the pacers kept me going even though I had to slow it down. Just watching the team and FTC in action during all the distances and the relay that almost didn’t happen as the sky turned black from a storm rolling in was awesome. I look forward to many more moments as I am just getting started.
  • Words of Wisdom: It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through. ~Zig Ziglar

Angela DeSimone

  • Name: Jeremy Larson
  • Age: 37
  • Hometown: Lincoln, NE. "The Good Life"
  • Currently Training For: Good Life Halfsey 1/2 Marathon
  • Miles Run Per Week: 30-40
  • Favorite place to run: Anywhere under the sun
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Bacon Blue cheeseburger with jalapenos and french fries!
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking? I starting running around 2005 because I love the mental challenge. I was not running very often and only doing one or two short events a year until April of 2018 when I started to take it seriously. That is when I met the "Grand Master Enoch"
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? The mental challenge is what I loved when I started and it is still what motivates me today. I love the pain of running. I want to see how far I can push myself and what I am willing to endure.
  • What do you like the most about Team FTC eCoaching? The personal attention and training schedule from coach Enoch. Even though I am over 1000 miles away he does a really good job at coaching as if we were in the same city. He always stays in touch, he always comments and critiques my workouts. I was a little skeptical at first about the eCoaching but have had absolutely nothing but a great experience and can't wait to meet the master in person!
  • Words of Wisdom:  Don't think, just run!

Jeremy Larson

  • Name: Katie Clark 
  • Age: 37
  • Hometown: Edmond, OK
  • Currently Training For: Last Chance BQ.2 Marathon Chicagoland
  • Miles Run Per Week: 50-60
  • Favorite place to run: Running trails around a local university
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Anything I don’t have to cook! I have 4 kids and life can be a little crazy. :)
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking? I started running with my dad when I was 9 years old and quickly fell in love with it. It was awesome to do something I loved and also spend time with my dad. I ran cross country and track in high school and college.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? I truly love running! I feel alive when I run. It’s like it’s what I was made to do. I love being able to stay home with my kids, but running gives me an outlet to pursue my goals. I feel like I’m a better wife, mom, and friend when I’m taking care of myself by running.
  • What do you like the most about Team FTC eCoaching? Coach Enoch has helped me SO much! As I was getting ready to begin my marathon training cycle in May, I felt completely overwhelmed. I had so many questions and doubts about my training. I used to coach cross country and track and I thought I should be able to figure out the marathon. My husband and I randomly met Coach Enoch and Angela in Mexico when I was a week out from beginning my training cycle. It was seriously so perfect and meant to be! :) I have full confidence in Coach Enoch’s expertise. It’s been so great having all my runs, stretching and strengthening routines, and recovery days planned out so I know exactly what to do to be successful.
  • Words of Wisdom:  “Keep showing up!” - Des Linden. I’ve tried to qualify for Boston 4 times and failed. And I’ve learned it’s ok to fail! It’s been so much fun to chase my dream of qualifying for Boston. Through each BQ attempt, I’ve stretched myself and learned a lot. I was extremely disappointed after each failed attempt, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I can’t wait to try again in a few weeks! Set big goals for yourself!

Katie Clark

  • Name: Laura Weston
  • Age: 52
  • Hometown: Columbus, Ohio (Although, I have lived most of my life in Gainesville, FL.)
  • Currently Training For:  Space Coast Half in 19 weeks
  • Miles Run Per Week: Between 20-30 (Although, sometimes I throw in a couple Rogue runs)
  • Favorite place to run: Around Haile/Cobblefield area
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Pizza
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking? Nov.2013 I signed up for the 1 Mile Fun Run at the Turkey Trot and missed the turnoff so that was my very first 10k. 
  • Why did you start Running? I got on the scale one morning and I was 199 lbs and I knew I needed to make a change. 
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis about a year ago and the Ortho Doctor and my training coach I had at the time told me I needed to stop running. I have met several people who have RA tell me they can't run/walk b/c they have RA. I want others with RA to see with the right Rheumatologist and the best Running Coach you can still Run and participate in races. I may not be the fastest runner and may need to walk but I will cross the finish line.
  • What do you like the most about Team FTC? Whether I am running my fastest 200 or walking b/c my joints are inflamed and I want to complete my scheduled workout, Team FTC is this big running family who ALWAYS encourages each other and supports each other like a family should. Starting with Coach Enoch and Angela, the Founders of Team FTC to the newest member just joining today. I am truly honored and Blessed to be part of this family.
  • Words of Wisdom:  It's ok to slow down and even walk but don't ever give up and quit and certainly don't let someone else tell you that you can't.

Laura Weston

  • Name: Tim Schoenrock
  • Age: 26
  • Hometown: Countdown County (Melbourne, FL)
  • Currently Training For: Tomorrow 
  • Miles Run Per Week: My fake Strava tells me I consistently run

    between 5-50 miles/week. I don't clock the warmups/cool-downs so it might actually be 6-51 miles/week.

  • Favorite place to run: In Gainesville, Tobacco Road is pretty neat.
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Tacos. Or burritos. Really anything Mexican-food related. With a dash of chocolate for dessert.
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? I started sprinting in track in 7th grade because I was getting a little chubby. By 10th grade I realized I wasn't very good, so I switched to cross country and long distance.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? The freedom. It's a chance to decouple your mind from the day to day stressors and focus on your body. The whole getting fresh air, keeping your body healthy, and being able to eat as many tacos as you want, are just nice side effects.
  • What do you like the most about Team FTC? The community of other crazy people who like to run.
  • Words of Wisdom: Just be better than you were yesterday, be it running, work, studying, relationships, etc. Sometimes focusing on the big picture can be a bit too intimidating, but when you do reach a milestone, remember to reflect on what brought you there.

Tim Schoenrock

  • Name: Trey Fields
  • Age: 27
  • Hometown: Melrose, FL
  • Currently Training For: 5k/Half
  • Miles Run Per Week: 30 mile average
  • Favorite place to run: Cottonwood Canyon in Utah, Micanopy Hill Loops, UF Campus and older/secluded well shaded neighborhoods in Gainesville.
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Homemade Veggie Lasagna with cashew cream cheese, sundried tomatoes, extra mushrooms and basil (sub the pasta for potato or sweet potato slices). I also really dig this place downtown called The Daily Green... talk about a dank and tasty burrito (lots of other good options too)
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? I became involved in 2009 to prepare myself for basic training in the Army National Guard. While I enjoyed running as a soldier for stress relief, I was never really able to find it as a passion or become any good at it. I later fell out of running, but when I met my beautiful wife Lindsay (training for a marathon at the time), I thought to myself, "I don't stand a chance with her unless I learn to run too!" So I picked it back up and she really helped me focus on areas where I was deficient and taught me how to garner an actual affection for the sport. 
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? Definitely the positive results that you get from achieving your training and racing goals. Being able to feel and look healthy as well knowing that putting in the hard work will yield a better outcome is paramount. It's also a great outlet for me. Nothing is better than a mid week recovery run where you can just "zone out", throw on the running shoes and GO.
  • What do you like the most about Team FTC? The positive coaching, the member's camaraderie, the social aspects of the sport and also the training and race schedules. It's also great how diverse we are, from kids to masters runners, we are all in it together!
  • Words of Wisdom: "If you think you can or can't do a thing, you're right." - Henry Ford

Perception is reality ladies and gentlemen. So believe in yourself; that's the place to start! :)

Trey Fields

  • Name: Jim O’Sullivan
  • Age: 46
  • Hometown: Queens, NY
  • Currently Training For: Five Points of Life Half Marathon 
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week: 35+ miles
  • Favorite place to run: UF Campus
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Quality cheeseburger/fries
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? I started running 5 years ago. My wife Renee encouraged me to train with her for the Rock-n-Roll half marathon in Miami. It was a blast!
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? Running smarter, faster and TeamFTC
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC? Coach Enoch, the team camaraderie and my personalized training schedule (love it!)
  • Words of Wisdom: Take advantage of opportunities that come along your way. I’m so grateful to have met Coach Enoch and accept his invitation to come out and give the group a shot! It changed my life!

Jim O'Sullivan

  • Name: Cailin Lewis
  • Age: 27
  • Hometown: I was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts but grew up in Orlando
  • Currently Training For: Sub-2 at Jacksonville Bank half marathon!
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week: 30-35 right now
  • Favorite place to run: UF Campus
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: At home, we're obsessed with two recipes: Eggroll in a Bowl and One Pot Creamy Lentil Pasta. But I'll never say no to going out for Mexican food
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? I started running in the spring of 2015. I heard about the Disney Princess Half Marathon on the radio and decided to sign up. I figured the only way I would ever become a runner is if I could race in a tiara and tutu! Shortly after that, I learned about wear blue: run to remember, an organization that runs to honor the service and sacrifice of our military. This amazing person named Kandi was running races in honor of my great uncle who was KIA in Vietnam. I continued running and focused my training on running the Marine Corps Marathon with her in fall 2016.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? I love chasing new PRs and traveling to fun races with amazing bling!
  • What do you like the most about Team FTC? I love the challenge of Team FTC. There is always someone to run with that is going to push your pace and bring out the best in you. Then after a tough workout, everyone is so encouraging and celebrates each other's achievements.
  • Words of Wisdom: Trust the process, everything has a purpose (even the recovery runs). And don't be afraid to ask for help - there are a wealth of resources available, especially Coach Enoch!

Cailin Lewis

  • Name: Linda Bloom
  • Age: 53
  • Hometown: I grew up in Durham, NC, but I have lived in Gainesville for 18 years.
  • Currently Training For: JAX Bank Half-marathon
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week:  18-19 miles
  • Favorite place to run: Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: It’s a tough choice because my husband is a great cook, but I’ll pick duck breast with a cherry and balsamic vinaigrette reduction, risotto and roasted veggies.
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why?  I started doing some running 3 - 4 years ago, but really began running regularly when I joined Team FTC last year. I had run some when I was younger and I enjoyed it, so I decided to try it again.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? I enjoy running, and I want to stay active and be fit.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC?   1) Running with Team FTC is fun! 2) Coach Enoch and Team FTC are incredibly supportive and encouraging no matter what your goals are or what your pace is. It’s a wonderful atmosphere, and Coach Enoch helps everyone achieve their goals.
  • Words of Wisdom: Listen to Coach Enoch’s advice and you can run strong and stay healthy.

Linda Bloom

  • Name: Anton (Tony) Matchev
  • Age: 13
  • Hometown: Born in Ithaca, New York. I moved to Gainesville just after my first birthday.
  • Currently Training For: AAU and USATF Junior Olympics
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week:  Around 20 on a race week and around 25 regularly.
  • Favorite place to run: UF track. 
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Piesanos house rolls and pizza.
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why?  I started running in late Kindergarten because all of my friends were running at the Morning Mile program at Talbot Elementary.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk?  Since I take high school classes as a middle school student, I deal with a lot of stress. Running helps me get my mind off of school. I always want to stay healthy, and running helps me achieve that.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC? The community surrounding Team FTC is very supportive and encourages you to reach new goals that seem impossible at the time. Also, Coach Enoch really does a stellar job of keeping me in top shape and staying injury free.
  • Words of Wisdom: When you are hurting in a race and you want to stop, you take two pills of "Suck it up" and keep going.

Tony Matchev

  • Name: Sue Wagner
  • Age: 57
  • Hometown: Born in Ft. Belvoir, Virginia; high school in Melbourne, Florida; college in Gainesville
  • Currently Training For: Melon Run on July 4
  • Miles Run/Walked Per Week: It depends, usually 10 to 12. I am currently dealing with a back issue and training is minimal until physical therapy is complete.
  • Favorite place to run: UF campus – especially near Lake Alice.
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Slow Roasted Salmon or Rack of Lamb
  • When Did You Start Running/Walking and Why? To improve bone density, increase stamina, and reduce stress.
  • What Motivates You to Run/Walk? I have mild Osteoporosis and I want to stabilize and improve my bone density if possible. Running clears my mind and provides an endorphin rush. Unlike others on the team, I have never been a runner before so I am focusing on form first to improve my time and distance.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC? The camaraderie, support and the new friendships that I have made.
  • Words of Wisdom: I’m not sure if this applies to running, but it does apply to many life situations: “When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece.”

Sue Wagner

  • Name: Emily Young
  • Age: 39
  • Hometown: Various places in western Canada
  • Currently Training For: Gate River Run 15K
  • Miles Run Per Week: 25 miles
  • Favorite place to run: Anywhere that I can appreciate nature. I love seeing wildlife and sunsets.
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: A good steak dinner with veggies and a baked potato.
  • When Did You Start Running and Why? It all started with a really bad day in November 2015. A friend suggested that we do the Gate River Run. I thought running might help with stress management so I signed up for it. I trained by myself and completed the run in 1:41:11. Now that I have the guidance of Coach Enoch I’m excited to see what I can achieve this year.
  • What Motivates You to Run?  It has been a great way to manage stress and weight. I’ve lost about 40lbs since I started running. Besides enjoying the impacts it has on my health and body, the people I run with inspire me to keep pushing myself.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC? I love the camaraderie and support of my teammates along with the guidance and accountability provided by Coach Enoch.
  • Words of Wisdom: Make the choice to be happy.
  • PRs: 5K 25:49

Emily Young

  • Name: Doug Waldo
  • Age: 66
  • Hometown: Wichita, Kansas 
  • Currently Training For: Five Points of Life 5k
  • Miles Run Per Week: about 20 miles per week. 
  • Favorite place to run: Pisgah National Forest (NC) Exercise Trail. About half of the trail runs alongside the Davidson river which is very picturesque.
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Chicken Curry
  • When Did You Start Running and Why?  My son was on the Buchholz cross country team, it seemed like such an awesome sport! Great exercise, with minimal equipment, that could be done almost anywhere in almost any weather, plus it was very social. Eventually, I just had to try it! In January of 2015, I started running on my own and promptly got injured. The physical therapists at OSMI coached me on strength building and run/walking, getting me over that initial hurdle.
  • What Motivates You to Run? I love being active and making new friends in an athletic setting.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC? Prior to joining Team FTC, I was stuck in a rut, doing the same run/walk workout over and over again by myself. The Team gives me a coach who knows when and how to nudge me over my hurdles, a variety of workouts, and a group of people to run with. I love it!
  • Words of Wisdom: Do what you love.
  • PRs: Mile 7:53, 5K 27:27 

Doug Waldo

  • Name: Victoria Pagan Wolpert
  • Age: 51
  • Hometown: Ravenna, Ohio 
  • Currently Training For: Five Points of Life Half Marathon
  • Miles Run Per Week: Whatever coach says! (about 20 miles per week)
  • Favorite place to run: The rails-to-trails path that leads from Ravenna out to Towner's Woods in Kent, Ohio. It's beautiful in all four seasons.
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Whatever is being served!
  • When Did You Start Running and Why? In high school, I trained for the physical endurance test to join the US Navy. At the age of 18, I was able to run a mile in 7:15. I didn't pick it up again until I was writing my dissertation and wanted to keep my blood circulating. At the age of 33, I got the mile down to 6:30. Then came the years when we were earning tenure and we had two children in diapers...ten years passed. By the time the children were in elementary school, I realized that if I had to run a mile to save their lives, I couldn't. I ran around the block (a quarter of a mile) and nearly passed out. So after that, I began running again, just a little at a time. Luckily, I live next door to Mike Carillo's dad, who told me to go see Mike at Gainesville Running and Walking for a good pair of shoes. That was 2009. The rest is history!
  • What Motivates You to Run? I LOVE how running makes me feel so ALIVE! The blood pumping, sweat pouring, rhythmic breathing, moving through a landscape, it really makes me feel like I am part of the universe. Then of course there's the competitive aspect. I am freakishly competitive and I am always measuring my times against myself. But running also puts me in my place: there will always be runners faster than me, and there will always be runners slower than me.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC? The accountability and the sense of belonging to a community and something that is bigger than us individually. I used to think of running as my "alone" time. But thanks to Team FTC I appreciate the social aspect of running. I've learned how to depend on others and also that I can motivate others.
  • Words of Wisdom: A grateful heart can run forever.
  • PRs: 5K: 26.07; 10K: 55.47; Half Marathon: 1.57.55

Victoria Pagan

  • Name: Katherine Fielder
  • Age: 25
  • Hometown: Managua, Nicaragua 
  • Currently Training For: Tom Walker Half marathon--Completed in 2:08 on 11/5/16
  • Miles Run Per Week: ~25:
  • Favorite place to run: San Felasco Park
  • Favorite Thing to Eat For Dinner: Veggie Quinoa bowl
  • When Did You Start Running and Why? I started running freshman year in college, around four years ago. I got bored of just going to the gym so one day I decided to go for a run. After that first run, I couldn’t stop running. Running is my little sweet escape. No worries and no stress.
  • What Motivates You to Run? The feeling I get after a run. I feel empowered and accomplished.
  • What’s do you like the most about Team FTC? Support. Everyone wants to see everyone succeed. 
  • Words of Wisdom: Repeat to yourself, "Just don't stop. You're so close. You're almost there." Sometimes the best runs come on days you didn’t feel like running.

Katherine Fielder

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