"I am so thankful to be living my passion and coaching full-time! I wake up every morning with a smile on my face knowing that I get to use my gifts to help others achieve their goals and dreams. I am so blessed that I get to work with such an amazing group of people who trust me to guide their love for running! You all inspire me more than you will ever know."  -Coach Enoch

"Joining Team Florida Track Club has been one of the best decisions to help reach my full potential as a marathon runner. In one training cycle I was able to shed 40 minutes off my previous marathon time. This is because Coach Enoch goes above and beyond to help you define and reach your running goals, all while keeping you healthy and motivated. The detailed form assessments offered are one-on-one with Coach Enoch and are extremely helpful to keep you injury-free. The track workouts and Saturday runs are fun and challenging. The personalized race day nutrition plans are seriously where it's at…I never thought it was possible to feel great throughout an entire marathon, but Enoch will help you execute the perfect race plan for you. Thanks for being so great Team FTC!" -Ashley Frankel, Gainesville, FL 

"A year ago, I wanted to complement my strength training with some aerobic fitness. I started running (jogging) but struggled with progress and motivation given my limited running background. From the very first time I showed up to a training practice with Team FTC, I realized what I was missing, and it felt so special to finally belong to this running community.

Coach Enoch and Angela were welcoming and worked with me consistently to get me started on run/walk routine! After a few months of showing up to the morning practices, long runs, and getting personalized coaching, I was able to meet every goal I set for myself so far, including running a sub 2-hour half marathon and completing my first marathon in less than 4 hours!

Leading up to the marathon and along every step of the way, Coach Enoch and Angela were there to motivate me, help recover from injuries, adjust my plans, and provide a tremendous amount of positive vibes and encouragement when training in Florida’s scorching summer. They are so generous in sharing their knowledge and making sure that each member of the team feels motivated.

When my marathon finally approached I decided to get the detailed race plan that provided personalized fueling, pacing details based on the race conditions, and other details that ensure optimal performance, which boosted my self-confidence tremendously and made me feel so ready to conquer the race. Coach Enoch followed-up with me until the last moment before the race, making sure that I am well prepared for any weather changes. All this culminated in exceeding my time goal for the race and having a consistent energy level throughout the ENTIRE marathon despite atrocious weather conditions.

With Team FTC, it is more than just technical support. It is like a family and I love the feeling of belonging to it! I met some amazing teammates with different cultural backgrounds and ages. One big plus of being a member is that it dramatically affected my professional life as a graduate student by helping me better cope with stress. My day is way more efficient and positive when I start it with a morning practice with teammates who push you to achieve your best. I’m so addicted now to dream bigger and meet the goals I set to myself." - Aseel El Zein, Gainesville, FL

"I met Enoch a few years ago in Dallas, TX. He was new to the scene so we didn't know one another but within 15 minutes, he'd invited me to train with him. At the time, I was an old school runner tryin' to get back into the game. He took me in like the hungry puppy that I was at the time. You see...I was a big deal here in Dallas but I learned real quick what a "big deal" was once I began training with Enoch. My weekly long run was his average daily run. Enoch coached and guided me to a level of training I had never seen before. He's a team builder and a natural leader. Having attended West Point, I recognize these kinds of things. With my friend and "Coach" Enoch's help, I was able to drop nearly a minute in a half from a 17:05 to a PR of 15:32 in the 5K. I did this at 33. I strongly....STRONGLY, recommend anyone desiring to run contact Coach Enoch. He's 100% legit and I'm the proof. Best of luck to everyone and cheers to them goals!" -Boo Bryant, Dallas, TX

"I had the honor of doing a Form Assessment with Enoch and he is incredible! He was very detailed and attentive to my running form and gave excellent feedback. He was able to communicate and explain the areas I needed to change/alter so seamlessly. His expertise really showed and he did a great job at demonstrating and explaining things in a simple and easy to implement way! I appreciate his ability to make any runner feel like a pro- he boosts confidence in a practical way. It’s also amazing how individualized he is in his approach- he noticed every nuance of my running form! And the feedback he provided definitely changed my running for the better- I can’t believe how inefficiently I’ve been running all these years! I wish I would have taken advantage of this sooner- it likely would have helped me prevent injuries and be much faster! Highly, highly recommend Team FTC and the Form Assessment for all runners!" -Jess Seitz, Gainesville, FL

"I can’t say enough good things about Team FTC! What Enoch and Angela have created in Gainesville is truly special and I love that even though I don’t live there I can be a part of it! I contacted Team FTC this past summer after doing 4 marathons all around the same pace range-326-330. And while those times were good enough for Boston qualifiers, I was frustrated because I wasn’t really improving and was getting injured more! Within a day of working with Enoch I already knew he was more talented, insightful, and dedicated than most running coaches. Just by looking at my training peaks he knew my form needed some work. No one else had even stopped to mention this! And while I’m still a work in progress, these adjustment have helped me greatly. Sometimes you have to walk before you can run and I literally was practicing walk/runs with Enoch when I started. Fast forward a few months and I hit a 6 minute marathon PR in Houston (320) and ran more miles in a year than I ever had all while “feeling” like I was doing less. More than anything I began to believe that there is so much more improvement to come! If I’m ever in town I try and come to team FTC long runs and practices. The team is so welcoming and positive and supportive (it makes me want to move there). There are great running clubs all over the world, but nothing like what you get with team FTC. Whether you are near or far- Angela and Enoch will make you feel welcome and supported all the while helping you achieve your goals. Most importantly, they make you dream a little bigger." -Deanna McVay, Tallahassee, FL

"Enoch overdelivers on value. I never thought I'd pay for a running coach, now I can't foresee achieving bigger goals without one. I waste zero energy figuring out appropriate training - I turn my brain off and do whatever the coach says." -Matt Howland, Washington D.C.

"My wife joined team FTC to help her qualify for the Boston Marathon which she did for the second time this past month in Houston. I joined a year ago as way to learn and improve my running. I can honestly say that this has been a wonderful experience. We have a great coach who has a great assistant and our teammate (Angela, his wife), and the camaraderie amongst the elite athletes is awesome. I have improved my time at every distance this past year and have been encouraged when tired and hurt. I’m proud to be part of team FTC. -Roger Rose, Gainesville, FL

"My choice to work with Coach Enoch and Team Florida Track Club has proven to be one of the best decisions I have made for my athletic career. Working with Enoch though both his E-coaching and in-person services, I found a training system that has allowed me to set personal bests at a variety of distances, kept me free of injury, and most importantly, revitalized my love for the sport of running. Enoch is an immensely passionate, supportive, and proficient coach, who is capable of tailoring his training methods to runners of all levels and ages. His work has served to foster not only the development of numerous individual athletes, but the development of the Florida running community as a whole." -Matt Taddeo, Gainesville, FL

"As a club member, Enoch and Angela provide access to elite coaching services for all levels of athletes. Enoch is a dedicated professional runner, so not only does he talk the talk, he walks the walk and can relate to almost any running goal, situation, and challenge that you may have. They do a great job to develop all levels of runners while maintaining a welcoming, friendly environment to train and socialize. A++++" - Michael Rosato, Gainesville, FL

"At 73, I’m a late-blooming athlete and must say that I learned so much in a very amazing session with Coach Enoch. I can run safely and avoid injury and begin this special time in my life in a positive and very supportive environment ! Highly recommended!" -Bob Pierce, Palatka, FL

"Coach Enoch cares about you and your goals. He doesn’t fill your time with his running accomplishments but instead focuses on giving you actionable steps to get better every day. Top Notch!" -Benjamin Lok, Gainesville, FL

"Team FTC is more than just a local track club. Its more than a community of runners. Team FTC is a family. The patriarch and matriarch are Enoch and Angela Nadler. They put their blood, sweat (lots of that since we live in Gainesville) and tears (of joy at meeting our goals) into Team FTC. I joined almost a year ago after having a total mental meltdown during the Chicago Marathon in 2017. In under six months Team FTC got me both mentally and physically ready to run (actually swim) the Boston Marathon in 2018. The Nadler’s have positive attitudes and a great recipe for running success. I had never been a part of a running group. I always trained on my own and joining a team was not on my radar until a friend of mine told me about Team FTC. I now owe that friend a HUGE thank you. The workouts are challenging, but with the team pushing your times and encouraging you the workouts are easier to manage. Long runs (who really likes long runs??) are actually fun because you are spending two – three hours with your friends. If you have thought about joining a club or are on the fence, don’t think twice. Team FTC is welcoming, challenging and just the right mix of what you have been missing." -Kelly Flowers, Gainesville, FL

"Coming off my third marathon and a huge PR, I cannot recommend joining Team FTC enough. Even if I'd had a horrible time, I'd still recommend it wholeheartedly. Enoch and Angela do an amazing job of creating a welcoming and supportive team atmosphere that can help you reach your goals and truly love running. I joined in the spring of 2018 as I was getting ready for the Chicago Marathon. I very quickly got into far better marathon shape than I had been. Enoch's guidance was especially critical as I battled a foot injury through the whole training cycle. Despite that, his training plan and the support of Angela and other runners on the team actually helped me get faster. Enoch was in touch to guide me as I had questions throughout training, adjust when I needed it and encourage me when training in the Florida summer was tough. He drafted a detailed race plan for my marathon that included target paces, a hydration/fueling strategy and lots of other suggestions to help my have my best race. I finished Chicago and lowered by PR by nearly 34 minutes. Enoch and Angela are knowledgeable, supportive and passionate about what they do. They're both great people, who I am lucky to call friends. If you're looking for a running team and coach, I don't think you can do better than Team FTC." -Rachel Axon, Gainesville, FL

"Coach Enoch is the best! I’m an e-coaching athlete and Coach Enoch helped me finally achieve my Boston qualifying time in the marathon! I ran collegiate cross country and track and spent several years coaching at a high school and a university. I had never used a coach for myself because I was a coach, but I’m SO glad I decided to train with Coach Enoch. He is very knowledgeable and laid out a training schedule that not only included running, but strengthening and stretching routines to make sure I stayed healthy and injury-free. He was very encouraging and always available to answer any questions or concerns I may have had. Coach Enoch also helped me figure out my fueling and hydration needs for my marathon. He created a detailed race plan for my marathon and I felt 100% prepared on race day. I ran a 13+min PR! I’m so thankful for Coach Enoch and Team Florida Track Club. I look forward to training with them again for Boston 2019!" -Katie Allen Clark, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma" 

"Great Coach and team! This group not only gives you solid personal coaching feedback and guidance but also peers to run with and keep you motivated. There are plenty of times to join during the week and all levels of runner to pace with. The group is fun and supportive with various goals - we have marathoners, triathletes, trail runners, cross country, track runners, ocr runners, fun runners and ten some! Great Coach and team to push your goals, run well and in good company!" - Kristina Von Castel, Gainesville, FL

"Coach Enoch is a fantastic coach! He helped my daughter reach her personal goals. He has a way of making each one of his team members feel as if they are the only one he is coaching. The team as a whole is inviting, supportive, and fun. The team environment is positive and competitive at the same time. Even when my daughter was not in Gainesville, he was able to train her and keep her motivated, so e-coaching really works with Coach Enoch. He was able to work with my daughter through injury, as well as difficult running times. Whether you run for fun and/or have serious goals, Coach Enoch is the best!!!" -Dania Medina-Urzua, Orlando, FL

"I have been running with Coach Enoch for a year now - in-person and now at a distance. As his other runners have shared, Coach Enoch is passionate, encouraging, organized, and a very knowledgeable coach. I have utilized many of the services that he offers – online and in-person coaching, detailed marathon plans, and form assessment – and am a stronger runner as a result. Although I was an athlete growing-up, I didn’t start running until after college and this past year with Coach Enoch was my first year of formal training. As a result of Coach Enoch’s training, I set PRs in all the distances that I attempted over the past year – 5k (19:16), 15k (1:04:07), ½ marathon (1:34:15), marathon (3:24:56). The marathon was an impulse decision that left Enoch with only 8 weeks to whip me into marathon shape. My goal was to run under 3:30:00 so that I could qualify for 2019 Boston and join the other team members traveling to Boston. I surpassed my goal time by five minutes and set a PR with half the training time that I had for the other two marathons that I had run without formal training. Additionally, thanks to Enoch incorporating fueling in my training and detailed race plan, this was the first marathon that I did not bonk or have GI distress. I am currently training with Enoch to run the Chicago Marathon in October and am looking forward to the end result. Enoch has been tailoring my plan to my needs and is accessible to chat about the plan and my training - more often than not he initiates the conversations which I appreciate. I also had 2 weeks of personal travel during my training plan so it was nice to have Enoch modify my plan so I could feel confident about my training while enjoying my trip. Coach Enoch not only inspires and gives you the tools to be the best runner that you can be but he aims to ensure that you are enjoying the process and can continue to do so throughout your life. He respects if you have other life obligations that pull you away from regular training and works with you to prevent or rehab from injury. Coach Enoch is not only an excellent coach but a great person – it’s not surprising then, TeamFTC is made up of wonderful and supportive people as well. I highly recommend training with Coach Enoch – and, if you are local, joining TeamFTC!" -Kate Louise, Greenville, North Carolina

"Coach Enoch is truly an amazing coach for runners of all abilities! He is a passionate, encouraging, organized, and a very knowledgeable coach! I ran for the University of North Florida ten years ago. After graduating UNF in May 2009, I ran my first marathon in 3:31. Five years later, I decided I wanted to train to beat my marathon PR. I created my own workouts and trained very hard, but I continued to struggle and feel defeated. I ran my next marathons in 2016 in 3:33 2017 in 3:51, and 2018 in 3:38. After running the marathon in January, I felt defeated and decided that I was done running marathons. In March, a friend signed up for a marathon on June 16th. I decided to try 26.2 one more time. I reached out to Coach Enoch and followed his individualized workouts for four months to prepare for my race. I felt strong and fitter than I’ve felt in a long time leading up to race day. I ran the marathon in 3:25:06! I couldn’t have done this without Coach Enoch’s expertise and encouragement! I highly recommend Coach Enoch to anyone looking to reach their running goals and gain confidence!" -Wendy Elizabeth, Houston, Texas

"Coach Enoch is simply the best! He is so passionate about what he does and is a true inspiration.Extremely helpful and encouraging with constant check-ins and feedback and always available to answer any questions." -Monika Baldwin, Gainesville, Florida

"One year ago I made the best decision to join TeamFTC. I was a casual inexperienced runner with no goals. Coach Enoch's tailor-made training program has taken my game to a whole new level. The team atmosphere has inspired me to keep improving and most importantly have FUN! Whether you are new to running or an elite athlete, TeamFTC welcomes all!" -Jim O'Sullivan, Gainesville, Florida

“After running Track and Cross Country in High School and College, I took several years away from running to play Men's Softball. Since moving to Gainesville four years ago, I decided to take up running again. Following 3 years of training mostly on my own, I decided to join Team FTC. Coach Enoch is the best motivator and coach I have ever worked with! He is very in tune with the specific goals his runners have set for themselves. He is also keenly aware of any injuries you may have been dealing with, and manages rest & workouts accordingly to first get you HEALTHY, and if it's your goal, to then get you FAST! Whether your goal is to run, compete and achieve your very best, or if you want to run just for fun with a great group of friends at any level, Team FTC is for YOU!” - Clay Clement, Gainesville, Florida

“Coach Enoch is amazing! He is very supportive no matter what your running abilities are. He always has words of advice and support. Thank you Coach Enoch!”-Alan West, Gainesville, Florida

“Coach Enoch will meet you where you're at in terms of fitness level and form, and coach you to a new level with endless positivity, support, and incredible know-how. People of all ages and any goal (short to long distance and casual to competitive) will feel at home on Team FTC.” - Chrissy Alba, Gainesville, Florida

“I had just finished a 5K with a time of 30:20 when Coach Enoch approached me and my son to tell us about a coaching program he was starting. My ten-year-old son, who had met Coach Enoch at a local youth fitness program, was enthusiastic so we decided to join. That was about six months ago. This past weekend I ran another 5K and finished it with a time of 25:49! In addition to helping me significantly improve my pace, Coach Enoch has improved my running form, given me tips on nutrition and encouraged me to try other fitness classes such as yoga. He tailors the program to fit my ability level and goals. Most importantly he has created a positive and supportive team. I look forward to group practices with people I now consider friends. Coach Enoch celebrates improvements big and small. He has a good sense of when to push boundaries and has helped me achieve times I never thought possible.”-Emily Young, Gainesville, Florida

“Coach Enoch is awesome! He has an incredible amount of energy and works hard to help runners at all levels reach our goals. The atmosphere at our group workouts is supportive and fun. I'm glad that I joined.” –Linda Bloom, Gainesville, Florida

“Coach Enoch really gets to know you and builds a training plan around your needs and capabilities. He is committed and dedicated, creating a fantastic group. He balances being an exceptional athlete with a good philosophical understanding of his sport. He was able to see things in my form and help me to understand those things so that I could make corrections. I highly recommend Team FTC to anyone who wants to step up their running game.” - Bryan Da Frota, Gainesville, Florida

“Coach Enoch possesses the rare quality of being both a master in his field and having the ability to teach others effectively. He explains things well, is patient, and always enthusiastic and encouraging. He obviously loves both running and sharing that love with others. He is able to work with people of all abilities from the couch potato who wants to run their first race to an elite runner going for a world record. No matter where you start he will be right along side you adjusting your form and offering words of encouragement to help you cross that finish line.” - Lynn D’Amato Young, Gainesville, Florida

“Coach Enoch helped me rediscover my running in such a fun and wonderful way. I went from lacking confidence coming off of repeated injuries over five years to being able to finally cut loose up hills and all around town. Coach Enoch knew when to counsel me to back off when I was probably on the verge of another tear but also push me when I was ready to take a break. With a workout plan that catered to my cross-training and adjusted for minor hot spots that turned up, I always had the confidence to keep building my miles. Coach Enoch's guidance kept me injury free and along with a really fun group of running partners, led me to PR in the 15k and half marathon with times I never thought were possible. Really looking forward to the next chapter with TFTC.” - Rob White, Gainesville, Florida

"Thank you Coach Enoch for correcting my running form! I always thought that running came "naturally", but I was definitely wrong. At my first track session with Team FTC, Enoch observed that I was doing extra "vertical running", meaning I was expending extra energy running upwards. Enoch took the time to correct my form with one on one coaching to explain drills, stretching, and demonstrating correct positioning from my head to toes. He took video of my before and after running form. What a difference!! Now, instead of running upwards, I am running more forwards! Can't believe that no other coach has helped me with form before!" -Michele Richards, Gainesville, Florida

"Let's just say Coach Enoch put me back on track. He knows how to get the best out of all of us! Thanks to Team Florida Track Club with Coach Enoch's expert training, I was able to run the Tom Walker Half Marathon at 2.04.57. That is the *exact* same time that I ran it 3 years ago in 2013. Then in 2014 I had an injury that took two years to recover. So Coach brought me back literally to where I left off--which at my age (51!) is improvement! He is attentive, smart, knowledgable, caring, and he can push you as hard as you let him. According to my daughter, Team Florida Track Club is the best thing to happen to me in a long time!" -Victoria Pagán, Gainesville, Florida

"Coach Enoch, Thank you. Thank you for being the motivating person that you are and really creating a team & letting me be a part of it. Over the past month, I have noticed a difference in my running but also in my attitude, which I believe is a reflection of the atmosphere you have established with Team FTC. I am very thankful for giving heart & willingness to take a chance on me. Also thankful for the opportunity to see an example of someone doing something that they are passionate about for a living--truly inspiring. Thank you!" -Adair Lyden, Gainesville, FL 

"Coach Enoch and the running group he has organized have helped me take my running to a new level! In 4 months he has helped me switch from 3 minutes running/1 minute walking to straight running and he has also helped me lower my 5k time by almost 5 minutes. Even more importantly, he has made running a lot more fun!" -Doug Waldo, Gainesville, Florida 

"Coach Enoch is unsurpassed in his dedication and skill (as an elite runner qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Trials), but balances that with the unique ability to relate to sub-elite and mid-pack runners. His knowledge, encouragement, and guidance are a huge asset to anyone wanting to take their running to the next level! I highly recommend Team Florida Track Club." -Megan O'Hare Lyons, Dallas, Texas 

Ani Veltcheva, 12 years old, 2016 FL Middle School State Champion, Gainesville, FL 

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