Apply to Join Team FTC Elite!

Team FTC Elite is looking for local elite runners hoping to take their training and racing to a new level. Elite members will represent the team and help elevate the level of running in Gainesville!

Qualifying Race Time Standards

 Distance Men Women
 5k 17:00 19:30
 10k 35:00 40:30
 Half Marathon 1:19:001:30:00 
 Full Marathon 2:45:00 3:10:00

Masters Qualifying Race Time Standards

Masters times are based on age graded performances at 40 years old

Distance  Men (Masters: 40+ yrs. old) Women (Masters: 40+ yrs. old)
 5k 18:00 20:15
 10k 37:00 42:00
 Half Marathon 1:22:00 1:34:00
 Full Marathon 2:49:00 3:19:00

Team FTC Elite members perks:

  • Free race singlet
  • Free t-shirt
  • Bio posted on Elite page

Selection of the Team FTC Elite is in the sole discretion of Team FTC, and making the standards does not guarantee selection to the Team. Team members will be expected to represent Team FTC in a favorable manner at all events and shall conduct themselves professionally. Team members must adhere to all regulations adopted by any sanctioning body governing races entered as a member of the Team FTC. Selection to Team FTC Elite does not guarantee membership on the Team for any specified time period. The Team, or any individual member, may be terminated by Team FTC, the Team or the Team member at any time, with or without notice and with or without cause. All members are required to be members of the Florida Track ClubTeam FTC Elite members are expected to race or volunteer at 4 Team FTC events per year (minimum).

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